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San Antonio JUG @

What you need to know

We normally meet the first Tuesday of each month from 6:00 to 7:00 at New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Attendance is free, and you're welcome to join us!

Join the mailing list to be informed of meeting topics, cancellations, etc. Don't worry. It's a very low-volume list! If you have a question, you can ask it on the list or contact me directly.

A jobs list is also available for posting career opportunities!

The group is enrolled in the user group programs of several book publishers, giving us access to discounts on purchases, free review copies, and more.

How to contact us

Ryan Stewart --

Through the mailing list:

How to participate

  • Sign up for our mailing list at Due to a profusion of spam, you'll either have to request membership or be invited by another member.
  • Come to a meeting! We meet at 6:00 the first Tuesday of each month at New Horizons, next to Academy (map to the left).

Who can participate

Anybody who wants to learn more about Java and related technologies.

Why to participate

Learn cool stuff, network, and win prizes, including books from leading publishers and a free license for IntelliJ IDEA. Meetings mostly revolve around what our members are currently working on, and you'll learn about people, companies, and technologies being used in the area. We're part of several user group programs, through which we're eligible for lots of discounts and review copies of books. We also have various door prizes at our meetings provided by our sponsors:

Rackspace New Horizons
Intertech .NET and Java Training Structure101
O'Reilly Pearson
Apress Wrox
Oracle Press


Slides from past presentations are available on the Downloads page or linked from the calendar below.


Our meeting calendar, to be filled in as we go. Want to speak? Drop us a line; we're always looking for people to put on the calendar!

You can also subscribe to our Google calendar by adding this URL to your own calendar:

Date Speaker Topic
3 Sep 2009 Bryan Taylor, Rackspace Programming in Scala
1 Oct 2009 Ryan Stewart, Rackspace Intro to DVCS with Git
5 Nov 2009 John Madrid, Rackspace Groovy Goodness
7 Jan 2010 Subramanian Murali (Subbu), HCL Technologies Apache Wicket
4 Mar 2010 David Phillips, USAA GWT
1 Apr 2010 Gary Dusbabek, Rackspace Apache Cassandra
6 May 2010 Subramanian Murali (Subbu), HCL Technologies Coming in JDK7
3 Jun 2010 Jarret Raim, Denim Group OWASP Java Enterprise Security API (ESAPI)
1 Jul 2010 Ryan Stewart, Rackspace Spring Roo
2 Sep 2010 Discussion group Build tools and workflows
5 Oct 2010 Lisa Clark, Rackspace Cucumber
2 Nov 2010 Discussion group Libraries and frameworks
6 Jan 2011 Discussion group Software testing and QA
1 Feb 2011 David Singleton and Chris Cantu, Rackspace Grails
1 Mar 2011 Jesus Gonzalez, Denim Group Secure Android Development
5 Apr 2011 Jon Burgin, Rackspace Efficient Development with IntelliJ and TDD
3 May 2011 Ravi Hasija, Capital Group Unit Testing, Mocking, and Groovy
1 Jun 2011 Ken Sipe, No Fluff Just Stuff tour Enter the Gradle
2 Aug 2011 Discussion group The NFJS conference
6 Sep 2011 Gautam Dev, Clearpoint FAST CODE Eclipse Plugin
4 Oct 2011 Jonathan Dance, Heroku Deploying Java & Play Framework Apps to the Cloud
1 Nov 2011 Craig Walls, SpringSource What's new in Spring 3
6 Dec 2011 Discussion group Whatever
3 Jan 2012 David Kowis and Andrew Hartnett Cucumber for Java
7 Feb 2012 Adrian George Android
13 Mar 2012 Neal Ford, ThoughtWorks Four Practical Uses for Domain Specific Languages
3 Apr 2012 Discussion group Your productivity and efficiency
1 May 2012 Ryan Stewart Open Source Debugging Tools, Part 1: Networking
5 June 2012 Ryan Stewart Open Source Debugging Tools, Part 2: Java
18 July 2012 Discussion group NFJS recap
20 Aug 2012 Stephen Chin, Java Evangelist JavaFX 2
4 Sep 2012 David Holland, USAA Java Pathfinder
2 Oct 2012 Ryan Stewart, Rackspace Quick Web Services
6 Nov 2012 Jon Burgin, Rackspace Akka (code and slides on Github)
4 Dec 2012 Discussion Group Open forum
29 Jan 2013 Chris Chedgey Rediscovering Modularity
5 Mar 2013 Discussion Group Continuous Delivery
9 Apr 2013 Ken Kousen Making Java Groovy
7 May 2013 Adrian George Gradle Q&A
4 Jun 2013 Discussion Group Java: The (not so) good parts
6 May 2014 Ryan Svihla, DataStax Tips and Tricks for High Performance Cassandra Clusters

Topic Ideas

If you feel like you could talk for 45 minutes or so about one of these things, let us know, and we'll put you on the schedule:

  • Test patterns/best practices
  • Modular programming with OSGi
  • Clojure
  • Scala
  • Groovy
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